Simple XP tip: show COM ports

As a developer, it’s annoying how XP hides advanced features way down deep.

For instance, I often use USB-serial devices, and when I need to check which port one of them’s attached to, here’s the 7-stage clickfest:


  1. Start
  2. Settings
  3. Control Panel
  4. System
  5. Hardware
  6. Device Manager
  7. Ports (COM & LPT)

Well, it can be much simpler than that. Simply put the following lines in a file called ports.bat and drag it to your quick launch bar:

reg query HKLM\hardware\devicemap\serialcomm

Voila! Every time you click it, you get a nice list of all your COM ports in Lucida Console.

Feel free to drop your own XP developer tips in the comment box.

21 May 2008 by Berwyn    11 comments

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Doug 5 Mar 2009, 11:44 link

Awesome, that simple script was extremely helpful. Thanx from South Dakota, USA.

Bob McCracken 27 Jul 2009, 04:07 link

Right on, that makes life easier. Thanx a lot. From calgary Alberta Canada.

Bikerpete 10 Jun 2010, 19:31 link

Nice – that made my day :-) Time for a coffee …

srand() 17 Jul 2010, 01:17 link

Wow. I’ve looked for something like this for what seems like years. Thanks for making my day!

Karl Gilding 1 Jun 2011, 04:20 link

Hrmm that was bizarre, my comment acquired eaten. Anyway I needed to say that it’s good to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had bother finding the identical data elsewhere. This was the primary place that instructed me the answer. Thanks.

FiFou 22 Dec 2011, 20:24 link

It’s so clever since it is so simple! Greetings from Greece.

stamatis 5 Jun 2012, 19:05 link

Very good idea help me to my work ..thanks

Fork 7 Jul 2012, 17:04 link

thanks, nice short cut

Sanjay Suthar 21 Aug 2012, 23:04 link

Great Idea….. Thanks a lot…

James Holt 17 Apr 2013, 01:10 link

Thanks for this, I use it at work cause they lock everthing down and I have no access to the control panel. They dont understand how difficult it is when you plug into a PLC and cant see which port it is hooked to.. Thanks again

tina 3 Feb 2015, 11:57 link

I still cant find my ports…please help.

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