Decent: cool, minus the cucumber.


The word’s just got a ring to it.

Yeah, pretty decent.

It’s like, totally way better than Cool. Same meaning and all that, but without those frigid “as a cucumber” connotations. Plus, it’s got a much bigger moral and artistic backbone.

Trust me, all the decent people are doing it. All the people here, at my place. Well, I am, at any rate. Woke up one morning and just switched. Easy as s/cool/decent/g.

Chesterton said we should break the conventions but keep the commandments. So why not start with your lingo, blingo, rap rap, you know what I’m sayin’?

C’mon, join the revolution: bring decent to a town near you.

Decent, man.

P.S. Yep, I’m afraid this is tongue-in-cheek. Though I have “switched” — and years before DecentURL was conceived. Then again, maybe it’s just getting late. :-)

29 April 2008 by Ben    2 comments

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Joel P Rademaker 30 Apr 2008, 19:54 link

‘S well, is “decent” better than “sweet” Y’know? Y’know sweet is like sugar dessert when your senses and decentses leave and you give yourself away! Y’know God? Man, He descent down here Y’all, that’s decent of Him! Y’know what’s beat all your critics man? It’s your lingo, you ring like a Ringo, your star hasn’t found a decent starry-eyed town to descend to. But, hey, Y’know it’s decent of you to be so mellow, yellow, hello to all you fellow revolutionists out there! Yea, let us not float out and sink like all that, Y’know! This blob dig is coolness, Y’know.

Ben 30 Apr 2008, 20:27 link

Good stuff, Joel. Cheers. :-)

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