microPledge public launch

Yep, this is it. microPledge is fully alive and kicking. At last there is a way to fund quality software by teaming up — with benefits for both the community and the developer.

A number of projects are up already. Now it’s time to spread the word: Tell the world. Pledge to existing projects. Start your own. Get paid.

So go to micropledge.com now. Or just stare at a pretty screenshot:

Home page screenshot

We’ve added a bunch of new features since pre-launch, and made it easy to subscribe to updates. One of the much-requested features was RSS, so you can now stay up to date with our new projects feed.

microPledge mascotOh, and we’ve got to show you the motorPledge. It’s the pristine Honda CG125 you see on your left.

I’m proud to be able to say my wife gave it to me for my birthday the other day. It’s become our motorbike mascot, the very definition of “microPledge orange”. Apart from being a 1975 classic, it’s the perfect mascot for us — bright orange fuel tank for a bright orange company.

See the rest of the photos of the three B Hoyt founders with the bike.

10 August 2007 by Ben    2 comments

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Booshan 11 Aug 2007, 09:25 link

Nice concept. You can use http://www.qualbridge.com for your Project Management needs.

[…] lists 61 proposed projects after one month, microPledge lists about 160 after about three and a half months. I don’t see any great successes on either site, but both are young, and perhaps I’m […]

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