microPledge is coming

How it worksmicroPledge is a soon-to-be-released web startup that will help developers get paid to write software. The basic idea is that lots of small pledges add up to big money.

Imagine that 1000 people around the world need (say) a Firefox plugin. Each person pledges $5 for it. Very soon you have a happy developer who writes the plugin and pockets the $5000. And happy pledgers with a nifty browser plugin.

We hope to go live in July, but in the meantime we’ll keep you posted with updates here. Be sure to get in early with your email if you’d like us to tell you when stuff happens.

Oh, and one more thing: microPledge will be free for open source.

30 May 2007 by Ben    3 comments

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Josh K. 4 Jun 2007, 20:51 link

Hey Ben and the rest of the Hoyts, this is Josh K. I was told of this site by one of you and decided to take a look, and I must say I’m impressed! The layout is extremely well done, although I’d suggest a small colour change for the background, but that may be just me ;) Just one question, who designed the logo? Get back to me at my email address, which you should have.

Thanks, Josh K.

Berwyn 6 Jun 2007, 08:25 link

Hi Josh. The the logo was a collaborative effort. We wanted to include both the concept of lots of small pledges (the mu symbol) and also lots of people pitching in together to give their pledge (the call-out box). So, do you think it’s cool, or what?

Brenda 6 Jun 2007, 14:26 link

What a cool concept! I’ll keep a watch out for your progress. And yes, Ber, the logo is cool too.

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