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July 2013

Yes, my credit card number *does* have spaces! (28)

January 2013

Masterminds of Programming (13)

November 2012

C#'s async/await compared to protothreads in C++ (5)

September 2012

Save a Gmail message to hard disk (5)

November 2011

µA/MHz is only the beginning
Single-port USB3 docking
Endian solution for C (2)

March 2011

Earthquake Update and How to use your Water Heater as a Reservoir (4)

February 2011

The Founding Fathers of the Silicon Valley (1)

January 2011

Should you use C++ for an embedded project? (5)

August 2010

Notebook-friendly thumb mouse (4)
C++ for C programmers, part 2 of 2 (5)

May 2010

C++ for C programmers, part 1 of 2 (14)

April 2010 looking for Pythonistas
Why I'm not moving to Linux just yet (12)

January 2010

DecentURL now requires an account (2)
MRO: Map Rows to Objects with (4)

December 2009

Go Forth and WikiReadit (5)

September 2009

catdoc ported to Windows (12)

August 2009

Code generation with X-Macros in C (11)
Site Doublers: Website optimization

July 2009

fabricate: The better build tool
Easy IP-to-country lookup in Python (7)

June 2009

Blast from the demoscene past (1)

May 2009

Pilot ships through Google Earth (1)
Python's Ellipsis explained (5)

April 2009

Knuth, goto, Python, and OOP (9)

March 2009

A browser-agnostic plugin system? (16)

February 2009

Some regular expression libraries (5)
Cracking an INI file with a jackhammer (42)
bitchecker: Binary Irony (4)
RAII, AC/DC, and the "with" statement (5)

January 2009

microBlog now The Brush Blog

September 2008

Helvetica: can a font be a film? (3)

July 2008

Gifty -- gift lists made simple
Protothreads and C++ (12)
Simple XP tip: use "Undo Delete" (2)
Thank you, Adobe Reader 9! (194)

June 2008

Can modern software be snappy? (27)

May 2008

Design Interval on crowdsourcing
Simple XP tip: show COM ports (11)
Markup, not HTML, for source code

April 2008

Decent: cool, minus the cucumber. (2)
Tetris, the new FizzBuzz (8)
microPledge, customized.

March 2008

GET, POST, safety, idempotency (7)

February 2008

An author who groks hackers
SOAP won't make you clean (20)
Bounties for bug fixers: a bug-tracker plugin (1)

January 2008

Link rot, soft 404s, and DecentURL (3)
Ten quirky things about Python (39)
Google's URL redirection service (2)

December 2007

Party puzzles

November 2007

Emailing tracebacks in (4)
Recursive decent parsing [sic] (3)
Being prime is not a crime (2)

October 2007

DecentURL launched (1)
Ideahub reviews microPledge
As seen on (GeekBrief) TV
Ten things I love && hate about C (22)
Simple XP tip: Turn off your beeps (12)
Simple XP tip: Alarm clock (36)

September 2007

nobraces: Python indentation for C (19)
Learning to write from Mr Green (1)
Weddings and servers
The up-and-coming mod_wsgi
"Brothers offer way to chip in"

August 2007

PayPal fees for dummies (18)
Micro-pledge scheme released to fund software (7)
microPledge public launch (2)

July 2007

microPledge pre-launch!
The Case for case sensitivity (16)
"I trust this computer." Yeah right. (3)
How much should startups charge? (2)

June 2007

Server moving house tomorrow
Patents are evil ... but head-starts are good (2)
A picture is worth 130,000 words (2)
GET to do POST's job (13)
1/4 your spam with onmouseover (6)
JavaScript image pipelining (9)
How did you learn to program? (9)

May 2007

microPledge is coming (3)